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Internationally ESN engages with thousands of mobile, educated, and highly motivated students all around Europe. We can offer your company or organisation access to this unique customer base, branding, visibility and affiliation with our pan-European student organisation.
Here in Darmtstadt we aim to make all international students' stay in Germany as exciting and enjoyable as possible, while at the same time providing them with services that support local businesses and companies.

ESN Darmstadt offers flexible and customisable partnership agreements that will fit with your company’s aims, culture and practices. 

Why work with ESN Darmstadt?

A link to international students

Our aim is to offer a variety of services to the students from Technische Universität Darmstadt and Hochschule Darmstadt. We aim to provide a smooth transition and integration into Germany for the students by proposing various activities and offering services to them for their period studying abroad.

Offer unique services to our members

The ESNcard project, launched in 2004, aims to create an international student card for all exchange students and ESN volunteers. The ESNcard gives students the possibility to benefit from unique partnerships, offers and discounts on the local, national and international level. In 2012, there were 130.000 ESNcards distributed  to students around Europe. The ESNcard is used by over 400 ESN sections in 35 countries.

ESN created a website for all ESNcard holders and students to access discounts and deals offered by partners of ESN. is a search engine that gathers over 2.000 discounts from international, national and local deals around Europe. Furthermore, the website is a membership database for all ESNcard holders.

Please also visit the websites of ESN International and the ESNcard for further information.