Gude Buddies

The Buddy System project

The Buddy System is an online platform matching international students and local students for a buddy programme. After the pairing is complete, you (as an international student) can benefit from a personalised welcome, thanks to your local buddy who is able to help you get settled in Darmstadt and have a wonderful time abroad.

Advantages for international students

  • You have a first contact in a foreign country.
  • You can integrate more easily with local students and our culture.
  • Inside knowledge, ranging from:  the ‘where’s and ‘how’s of Darmstadt to ‘what to expect on lectures and exams’.
  • And hopefully much, much more…

How to participate

If you want to get matched with a local student just visit the buddy system website and register as an international student!

What next?

Once you've filled in some information about yourself (your university, your hobbies, the languages you speak...) we'll put you in touch with a buddy!

If you need help or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


You are a local student?

Visit our Buddy System page for local students laugh