We guess you have heard about Oktoberfest but you don't want to wait until October?

Then the Frühlingswasen ist just the right thing for you! They are way less crowdy, less messy, (a little) less expensive but still you will get the same festive feeling :)

On top of that, you will not only get a trip to the Wasen, but we will also offer a small city tour in Stuttgart :)
After that we will continue to Cannstatt where the festival will happen :)

Price for everything will be 20€ with your ESNcard!

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!!! Places are limited, so be fast to secure your spot! Information on registration will be posted right here... make sure to stay tuned !!!


---------- PHOTO DISCLAIMER ----------
By taking part in this event, you agree that photos of you (group photos etc.) might be posted on our Facebook and/or Instagram account. If you disagree, let us know at the beginning of the event in order to respect this or ask us any time to remove the picture from social platforms.

19/04/2020 - 12:00
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20 €