Once upon a time there were two giants: "Felsenhocker" and "Steinbeißer", whose empires were separated by the Odenwald. One day they got into a terrible argument and started throwing rocks at each other. Since "Steinbeißer" had more material to throw, "Felshocker" was soon buried under the boulders and the Felsenmeer was created.

Next Saturday, April 2nd we'll visit this spectacular place for a nice hike up the boulders. Bring your best hiking shoes as the stones might be slippery, but there's also a safe route beside the rocks. Also remember to bring enough to drink and a lunchpack.

We'll meet at 10:15 at the mainstation to take the train to Bensheim and the Bus to Lautertal. Please be there in time, we can`t wait for you because we have to catch the Train. There we'll walk to Felsenmeer and up the mountain to have a picknick on the top. Depending on the mood and weather we'll decide how to continue from there.

Please register for the event and to ensure safe events please bring a proof of vaccination or recovery and sign up for the event beforehand. We would recommend to do a rapid test in addition.😊

By taking part in this event, you agree that photos of you (group photos, etc.) might be posted on our website and/ or social media accounts. If you disagree, please let us know at the beginning of the event or ask us any time to remove the picture in question.

03/04/2022 - 10:15
Am Hauptbahnhof, 64293 Darmstadt, Deutschland