You may have noticed it, its slowly getting spooky in Darmstadt. Days are getting shorter, the sky is getting darker and there are roumors that the lectures are about to start 🧟‍♂️. Halloween is coming and if you are brave enough ESN Darmstadt has the perfect event for you 🫵. We are proud to present the 3rd ESN Darmstadt Sitsit, this time as a Halloween edition🥳. The event will take place at 29.10 at HoffArt Theater. A Sitsit is a Finnish academic party, where you sing together, enjoy some drinks and several courses of food 🤓. Join us for an epic night of Finnish Teekkari culture meeting German culture.

The event is guided by 2 well established songmasters and you have to follow several rules for the Event. It takes some discipline, but don't worry it will be a super funny and awesome experience. We will sing a lot but dont worry a true teekkari sings rather than well :D.The event will take the whole evening and we will have an after-party. Our dresscode will be "Finnish and /or Halloween". So save the date and stay tuned. We will soon release more information for the registration. You surley don`t want to miss this event 😉.
Nähdään Sitseille!

The event is already sold out!

29/10/2022 - 19:00
Hoffart Darmstadt
Lauteschlägerstr. 28A
64289 Darmstadt