Many of you already heard in your home country that german🇩🇪 beers are really tasty. Yes, it is not a myth.😉And of course you tried them already. But did you know actually what is the difference between Helles and Pils ? Or do you know what is the main difference between the beers from Belgium, England and the beers from Germany?😱 On Saturday evening, a team member from us, who is really passionate about beers will explain all these cool things on Zoom. I will also add a beer list here, which you should buy before the event. I also recommend not to do it alone, since we will have 6 different bottles of beer😋

The list of the beers which you should buy for the online beer tasting on Saturday🍻:

From Rewe Getränkemarkt(Address: Heinrichstraße 52, 64283 Darmstadt):

Köstriber Schwarzbier
Franziskaner Weißbier
Brewdog Pale Ale
Schlappeseppel Kellerbier

From Kiosk Tag & Nacht(Address: Kaplaneigasse 10, 64283 Darmstadt)
Agustinerbräu münchen Helles
Flensburger Pils

They are all really delicious and it is recommended to share your beers with someone else !

We will learn a lot and have a lot of fun !


📅 Sat, Nov 7th
⏰ 19:00

07/11/2020 - 19:00