We’re doing a hike this Saturday from Bensheim to Zwingenberg!🍇

We’re going to buy some “New Wine” first and then hike in the beautiful vineyards of Bensheim.😁
New Wine is also called Federweißer or simply Neuer Wein in German.🍷 The wine will cost 3,60€/liter. You don’t have to bring bottles but it is recommandable to bring some food so you don’t end up completely drunk in the middle of the vineyards.🤪

Hope to see you there! If you want to join, please sign up in the Google Form.

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📅 SAT Sep. 26th
⏰ 10:40 
📍 Darmstadt Main Station
❗️Please be on time, otherwise you could miss the train, departure is at 10.53❗️

💸 Ticket Price (if you don’t have the student Ticket) & Price for the Wine

See you on Saturday 👋

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26/09/2020 - 10:45