Gude Erfahrungen

If you have always been interested in studying abroad but are still not quite sure what to expect, you have come to the right place.

On this page, we have collected testimonials from our teamies, who talk about their time and experiences abroad. We focus on the stay abroad itself - if you want to have specific reports about your studies, please contact your department directly.

Name: Sophie
Exchange in: Milan, Italy

First thing to say is that going on Erasmus was one of the best ideas in my life!

I learned so much... the language, about myself, how to survive in an unknown city and much more! Most importantly, I met a lot of amazing people! laugh I am glad that I had the chance to get to know people from almost everywhere in the world. It helped me a lot to learn about their cultures to realise that we are not so different as someone could think.

Then I am happy that I had the chance to go to one of my favourite countries in the world: Italy! heart Italy is known as a beautiful country with amazing cities, art, food and people. My expectations were absolutely fulfilled. I could improve my Italian skills so that I am almost fluent now. Every Italian who I met helped me a lot with my language skills and always tried to talk slow what is not usual to Italians.

It is quite difficult to decide what was the best Erasmus experience I've made... but for me one point of the awesomeness of Erasmus is something that happened after my Erasmus: becoming an ESN’er! I got to know ESN during my time in Milan. Already at the first day they organised something for the evening. Most of my friends I got to know at the ESN events. During the whole semester they organised a lot of events and I had the possibility to join them to go on two big trips: one to Prague and one to Sardinia. Both were amazing!!! Furthermore, ESN gave me the chance to get more in contact with the locals, the ESN’ers. During an exchange year it is likely that the exchange students only hang around with other exchange students, especially if one does not speak the language. ESN is a great opportunity to get to know more and more locals.

In our section in Darmstadt we offer a lot of events and trips for all the international students. That’s a perfect possibility to get to know even more people from all over the world and people that have the Erasmus spirit in their minds. Joining ESN in my hometown also helped me to get over the famous “post Erasmus depression”. When you come back from Erasmus it can be difficult because for you a lot has changed - but for those who stayed at home it did not. I was not able to just go back to normal university life. So for me Erasmus will never end!!!


Name: Patrick
Exchange in: Tampere, Finland

Finland heart I think this sums up my feelings about my semester abroad quite well wink

Finland offers wonderful nature and many ways to explore it. Numerous lakes always offer a nice photo motive and with Lapland in the north you have the winter wonderland right at your doorstep. Since it is not very far to Sweden, Estonia and Russia, you can also take cheap-ish trips to Stockholm, Tallinn or St. Petersburg. However, you have to be prepared for the fact that it can get quite chilly in the beginning of the year (down to -25°C).

Going abroad and exploring new countries always has been one of my favourite things to do - therefore I could not miss the opportunity to use the exchange programmes offered by TU Darmstadt to visit and explore a new country during my master studies. Besides further improving my English skills and collecting a couple ECTS for my studies I learned a lot during these five months. Studying in another country is not just about listening to professors in another language! It’s about meeting new people, getting to know different cultures and personal development.

Student life during an exchange semester, obviously, is very different to a ‘normal’ semester back home. Thanks to the local ESN section we had a lot of things to do – which is especially helpful in the first couple of days when you are getting to know everyone. They organised parties, typical local games and trips to only name a few. These events gave us the opportunity to both get to know each other a bit better but also to get to know a few local students laugh 

One highlight definitely was the international dinner where everyone prepared a typical dish from back home. Later in the semester we created a little evening/night routine where we walked to the next lake and waited to see if we could spot the northern lights a couple times a week. 

Lucky for me most of the locals speak or at least understand English. Despite the fact that I took a Finnish course before, my language skills were limited to 'hyvää päivää' (hello)', 'kiitos' (thank you), 'kippis' (cheers) and 'hei hei' (goodbye). I guess Finish and I will never become friends, haha. 

Looking back it was one of the best decisions I could have ever made - despite the fact that it has somewhat prolonged my studies smiley