Gudes Auslandssemester

If you are an international student coming to Darmstadt you came to the right place laugh On this page you will find a lot of useful information about:

  • The buddysystem which you can use to find a local buddy
  • Living in Darmstadt - in our survival guide for international students
  • A map with the most important places for international students
  • The universities here in Darmstadt
  • A short history of Darmstadt

Your time in Darmstadt

We asked a couple former exchange students to tell you about their time here in Darmstadt heart 


Hi guys! I’m Ambra and I spent 1 year with Erasmus here in Darmstadt.

At the beginning of my great adventure I came here alone - like most of you. Everything was completely new and different. Since the first days ESN organised many activities for us. Thanks to them I met many other Erasmus students - already in the first week of September. It would have been very difficult for us to create a group of friends without ESN’s activities - only going to the university. I have no doubt that my Erasmus would have been less cool.

When I came to Darmstadt I’ve never felt alone. It’s really nice to go to a foreign country and have the awareness that if you have some problems you are not there alone.   

Every week they organised many parties and many different kind of activities. I spent a really cool time with them and I can say that this has been the best experience of my life. An experience that I would do 1000 more times.

Thank you ESN Darmstadt ❤️


Hi! I’m Irem, I stayed in Darmstadt as an Erasmus student for 1 year. While I thought it would be difficult to get used to the city when I first arrived, it was not difficult thanks to ESN Darmstadt.

They introduced us to the country, city and culture since we arrived, and none of us had any difficulties thanks to our tutors. We have experienced many diverse cultures through these events. We made friends from every country. We improved our language.

Without ESN Darmstadt it would be much harder to get used to. If you come to Darmstadt, it is not possible for you to be alone or bored thanks to ESN - and Spree Break is my favorite organization. You should definitely attend. A great experience awaits you.

Thank you, ESN Darmstadt ❤️❤️



Hello, It's Ecem! While I was in Darmstadt for a year, ESN was the address for most fun events there. It was super nice to have them in the beginning when you don't know anyone at all. I had a chance to interact with people from different countries while we were learning exciting things about German Culture at their events.

I am very thankful for the things they did for us and I am pretty sure they will be this excited all the time!


Hey, I am Neco, one of those who spent precious times in Darmstadt. As a one-year-experienced exchange student, I can safely say that ESN is the first option to try for a newcomer. It was super easy for me to find new friends with the various events and their sincere atmosphere. The team also served as well-experienced travel guides who tell you more about the local and national beauties during trips.

When you arrive Darmstadt knock on their door in the building S2|03 or just follow them on social media! The rest will be easy ✌️


The #1 help that ESN provided me with is which cool places to hang around in Darmstadt & obviously the amazing lovely new people I have had the chance to get to know while I was there. I was actually wondering about how would I acquire friends in DA even before my flight to Germany - turns out no need to be skeptical because ESN is right there bringing us all together❤️

Thank youuuu so much ESN Darmstadt for all the friends, memories, warmth, and overall great times!! Would forever cherish & hold dear to my heart those experiences in Darmstadt🥰