It is also hard for us to follow the current situation and check which regulations are valid, which aren't.:erstaunt:  So we gather the important information (or what we think is most important for you to know), in that way, you have an overview of what is allowed.:erleichtert: Nevertheless, these times are very dynamic, so please keep yourself updated!

The new regulations comply the 7-days-incidence for 100,000 people. You can find the "traffic light system" here:

Generally: It is allowed to gather up in either a group of maximum 10 people or two households.

green (incidence < 20): no changes.

yellow (incidence > 20): no changes (or probably none that concern you).

orange (incidence > 35): Mask on at amusement parks (or the like). Everywhere in restaurants, churches, public events or the like, besides your own seat. Public events are restricted to a maximum of 150. Private events are restricted to a maximum of 25 people, no more than 15 are recommended.

red (incidence > 50): Mask on at your own seat at public events/rooms, funerals, churches, or the like. Recommended at crowd public spaces. Public events are restricted to a maximum of 100. Private events are restricted to a maximum of 10 people. Restaurants, bars, etc. are closed 11 pm - 6 am. Also, no selling of alcoholic drinks and consuming of those in public spaces.

dark red (incidence > 75): Public events should be strictly revised or be considered cancelled. It is allowed to gather either in a group of maximum 5 persons or of two households.

Additionally, starting Oct 24, you need to wear a mask in most parts of the pedestrian zone. This applies until the incidence is smaller than 50 on four consecutive days.

Don't forget:
  • Distancing with a minimum of 1.5 m in public whenever possible.
  • Hygiene, when coughing or sneezing. Wash your hands regularly!
  • Face Masks in certain public spaces (supermarket, train stations, in taxis, ...), now including bus stations.


For our events we will comply to those regulations, which means limiting the spots in our events and the necessity for you to register in prior. Please understand the restrictions we have by organizing our events and act responsible if you don't feel well.:hatschi: We still want to have events, in an more appropriate way, and also need your collaboration if you want to attend.:erröten: A short notice in case you won't make it, although you registered is enough and fair.:herz:
Hopefully, it will get better soon:solidarische_faust:

Stay healthy and safe :victory:

sources: and @hessenschau