In response to the high number of Covid cases recorded in the last week in Germany (more than 12.000 cases!:der_schrei:), German government has promulgated the following measurement to allow the citizens to protect the community and themselves. :schild: These rules are valid from the 2nd of November in the whole german territory for one month. :de: Within one month these rules could be updated and changed but we will keep you updated if that's the case.

The actual measurements are the following:

  •  In open spaces people from 2 households and maximum 10 in total can meet🧍🧍‍:mĂ€nnlichkeitssymbol:. In private  spaces it is asked to reduce social contact at a minimum.
  •  Restaurants, bars and similar are closed:messer_gabel_teller::tropischer_drink:. Delivery is still possible:kleinbus::kleinbus:.
  •  Consumption of alcohol is forbidden in public spaces between 11pm to 6am:weinglas::kein_zutritt_schild:.
  •  Mask on in every public space:maske:.
  •  Theatres, cinemas, swimming pools, gyms and similar are closed:darstellende_kĂŒnste::filmkamera:.
  •  Hairdressers remain open:schere:.
  •  Overnight stays for tourist reason are forbidden.

Our team will try to plan amazing events for you also in this month. Stay tuned and see you online.:tada::konfetti_ball:
One small sacrifice to enjoy the Christmas with the beloved ones. :muskel::nadelbaum:
Stay healthy :erröten: