The German Governement has decided the new regulation for the month of December. These rules are valid from the 1st to the 20th December:de: :

  1. The meetings outside are limited up to 5 person from at maximum two different housholds.
  2. In private spaces it is also strongly suggested to follow the same rules as described in 1.
  3. A mask must be worn in every open public space such as supermarket and bus.  At the bus stop it is also required to wear a mask. A distance of 1.5 meter has to be held in every public space.
  4. In the period between 23 December and 1 January the limitations are going to be reduced and group up to 10 people are going to be allowed without any further limitations.
  5. In the case you are going to travel during the winter break please make sure to check the website of the Federal Foreign Office about relevant limitation for your journey.


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