Dear internationals,

We are sorry to announce that all our upcoming events will be cancelled/ postponed until further notice because of the current situation.

We don’t want to spread fear, please keep calm and remember that you are not in danger and that your erasmus and exchange programmes are still going on. Please refer to official statements of the university regarding courses and the start of the semester.

Everybody in Germany is encouraged to take measures to reduce the spread of the virus and is asked to behave responsibly. We know we’re not authorised to tell you what to do and what not to do in your freetime, but we highly encourage you follow the advice on social distancing and basic hygienic rules. For instructions and information please consult official organisations like the World Health Organisation, the Robert Koch Institute and the University.

We as an international student organisation do not accept any kind of discrimination, insults or exclusion against anyone. It does not matter if you come from so-called ‘high risk’ countries/ areas or not. 

No one is happy with the current situation and we know that this is not how you (and we) imagined your first couple of weeks in Germany. We’re still looking forward to an amazing semester with lots of events and good times. That’s why it’s better to be cautious now than having a worse situation in the future.

Unfortunately nobody has any long-term predictions as the situation is changing daily. Nonetheless, we will keep you updated. The events which can’t take place now will be postponed to a later date during the semester assuming that the situation improves until then.

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe (and at home).

Your ESN Darmstadt Team