Gudes Büro

You can find our ESN office on the city-center campus of TU Darmstadt right next to Herrngarten heart

Make sure to drop by during our office hour to get some free coffee, buy your ESNcard or just to talk to us and other internationals wink

Our office: S2|03 Room 2 (TU Darmstadt City Center Campus)


In this picture you can see the 'entry' to the S2-region of the city center campus. If you go all the way down there you will find the Hochschulgruppenhaus on your left hand side where our office located - it's the second door on the left.

The Hochschulgruppenhaus is a building where a lot of student-led groups have their offices laugh




Here you can see the general layout of the S2-region of TU Darmstadt and where the Hochschulgruppenhaus is located.

If you would like to have a closer look: We're the green pin on our map... Check it out wink






Source: TU Darmstadt Website & ISS Website