Gudes Team

We are a group of (mainly) students engaged in helping international students feel at home far away from home and providing them opportunities to get to know new people and their new environment. Besides this, we promote the idea of going abroad among local students.

Most of us study at TU Darmstadt but we also have members from the Hochschule. The majority of our team members got to know ESN during our own exchange semester abroad. When we came back to Darmstadt, we wanted to do the same - giving back the support we recieved during our exchange. 

Others experienced a lack of such an organisation, so they want to give exchange students in Darmstadt the support they would have wished for during their own semester abroad. And some of us didn’t do an exchange (yet) but got to know ESN through friends or flat mates and decided to join heart

We all work on a voluntary basis. To discuss current issues and plan events our team as a whole has regular meetings. Moreover, we work in committees (Event, PR & Communication, Partnership, Website & IT) so that our members can get involved more easily. Since the very beginning of ESN Darmstadt our team has been constantly growing and developing, which we are very proud of. If you're interested and want to experience some internationality even being here in Darmstadt you can join the team - we're always happy to welcome new members.

If you are an exchange student coming to Darmstadt and joining our events (or our coffee hour), do not hesitate to contact us!
We are always happy to help laugh


Our board

President The president has an overview of all matters in our section and is the main contact person for the international offices of the universities in Darmstadt.
Vice-President Our VP is reponsible for the team (HR) and is main contact point for our local partners. Furthermore, he is in contact with other student-led groups from the TU.
Treasurer The treasurer keeps an eye on the financial aspects of our section.

Our committee leaders

Local Representative The LR informs the rest of the team about everything happening in ESN Germany and ESN International and keeps contact to other ESN sections on the regional, national and international level.
Event-manager Our event manager coordinates all of our events, trips and other activities and makes sure that there is a variety of different things to do for all international students.
PR & Communication

The PR manager is responsible for the visual representation of our section, which is why they among other things look after our Social Media like Instagram and Facebook to represent our section to the public eye.
You should check it out if you haven't alreadywink

Webmaster The webmaster manages our IT systems and is also having a look on our website to keep it up to date.

Our mascot

And last but not least: Mathilde! She’s our lovely Mascot. She has her own page where you can get to know her better laugh