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First things to know about TU Darmstadt

TU Darmstadt is a technical university, which means that most study programmes are within the fields of engineering and science. However, economics and humanities programmes are also available.

You'd like to have genreral information about starting your studies at TU Darmstadt, a checklist with things ensuring a successful start or videos showing you around the campus? Then "einfachsTUdieren" is a very useful website that gathers important information for all new students at TU Darmstadt.

How to find your way around the university?

The university has two main sites: Stadtmitte (S) - German for “city centre” -  and Lichtwiese (L), where the most relevant buildings for students are. There are other buildings at Botanischer Garten (B) for biology students and even smaller ones all around Darmstadt. You can check out the campus navi to get a first impression of the university and its buildings (you can also use the "Locations and Directions" page of the university to find your building).

What buildings can be found at Stadtmitte (S)? 

At Stadtmitte, the library (ULB), Karo 5 and the Mensa can be found. It is the biggest site of the university where most of the administration is located. Additionally, many departments are located here (for example Computer Science, Math, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Business Administration, Law, …).
At Karo 5, you can find the Student Advisory Service and the International Counter, which are great if you have general questions or problems. They also provide online help via Zoom.
Last but not least, our ESN Office is located at Stadtmitte, so come by during our opening hours laugh

What to find at Lichtwiese (L)?

Lichtwiese is the second largest site of TU Darmstadt. There is a second library (HMZ) as well as another Mensa that also comes with a beer garden. The departments of Mechanical Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering are also located there. Next to Lichtwiese, there is the Hochschulstadion -  the sports centre of the university - that also comes with a swimming pool that is free of charge for students.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my studies?

The International Student Services (ISS) are dedicated to helping international students and giving them general advice about their studies. On their website, they have a lot of useful information for incoming students, make sure to check it out. Especially helpful for you could be their "getting started" page, where they gathered a lot of important information you need when starting your studies. Also check out the "orientation programmes": On this page you can find a video tour of the city center campus with important locations for international students (in minute 02:35 they show you the way leading to our office laugh).
If you have general questions, the International Counter at Karo 5 can help you out, too. ISS also offers individual consultation hours.
You can also check out their FAQ, which covers a lot of questions you might have.

Additionally, the Studierendenwerk and the AStA offer some consultation for students.<--break->


What is TUCaN and how do I use it?

TUCaN is the general organising tool for courses and exams at the university. Here you can find some useful information on how to get started with it. 

Where can I find more information about my field of study?

If you are looking for specific information about your study department, go to their respective website.

Where can I find more general information about TU Darmstadt?

You can check out the official website to get a first impression about TU Darmstadt. The page contains facts and figures as well as information about the departments and courses offered. All information there is provided in English. There is a lot of information on the website, so feel free to roam around as much as you like smiley